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Welcome to our Kinsta Review. Most Webmasters are looking for a reliable web hosting company while comparing the numerous options. Wouldn’t it be better than to go with the biggest names in the industry?

However, you cannot blindly choose one. It is better to conduct due diligence, even on the biggest names in the industry. One such web hosting provider is Kinsta. It has grown rapidly in the last few years. However, instead of going by its growth, it is a better idea to conduct due diligence.

Our Kinsta review will help you do exactly that. We will not only go into the history of the web hosting provider but also its current offerings to help you understand whether you should choose it over other companies.

Premium managed WordPress hosting, powered by Google Cloud. Lightning-fast load times, 24/7 expert support, and scalable for mission-critical sites.
From $30.00/mo


Reliability: Good (7 years in the market)

Overall Speed: A+

Price: as low as $30.00/month ($360.00/year)

Uptime: 99.9 percent

Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Support system: 24/7

Server location: Iowa City, Oregon, Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, Montreal, Sao Paulo, London, Belgium, Netherlands, Frankfurt am Main, Hamina, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Taiwan, Osaka, Zurich, USA

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, Metropolitan Area

Phone: +44 20 3239 3173

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About Kinsta

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Deployment: Web hosting

Read our Kinsta review here. Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting, powered by Google Cloud. Lightning-fast ...

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23 global data centers, 24/7 Support System, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, Excellent security, Managed hosting, Simplistic dashboard, Speed obsessive architecture, Woocommerce compatible


Web hosting


Freelancers, Large enterprises, Medium business, Small business


Annual Subscription, Monthly payment

Kinsta has been around since 2013. It specializes as a WordPress hosting company. During this time, it has grown at an exponential pace. Today, it offers data centers in more than 20 global locations. The headquarters of the company is in Los Angeles.

However, it has offices all over the world. Not only that, but its website is also available in 2 different languages. It means that chances are you can navigate through its website in your native language as well.

It has had a stellar track record during its existence. This means that the credibility of the web hosting company is not under any doubt. With that out of the way, let us look at its features to understand more about it.

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Features and Ease of Use


Photo: Kinsta’s Features

We will highlight some of the features of this web hosting provider, which help it outscore its competitors.

Simplistic dashboard

The company has its dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can track the stats of your single WordPress website or all WordPress websites as well. Also, you can manage SSL certificates and so on from this dashboard. The dashboard has graphical representation, which means that you can navigate through it quickly. It is one of the reasons why this web hosting provider is beginner-friendly.

30-day money-back guarantee

The web hosting company is so confident about the hosting quality that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also get the option to upgrade or downgrade according to your requirements. That is why; there is no harm in trying out this web hosting provider.

Speed obsessive architecture

You might not find this in the feature list of many other web hosting providers. However, this company lists the same on its website. The meaning of this is that their entire infrastructure is such that it provides maximum speed for WordPress websites. Hence, you will not have to undertake speed optimization or loading time optimization of your website manually. It is done at the server level to make your website blazing fast.

Excellent security

The security features of this web hosting company are numerous. These include:

  • SSL support
  • Hardware firewalls
  • Software-based restrictions
  • DDOS detection
  • Consistent uptime monitoring

It means that numerous security features ensure that your website will always remain live and safe. At the same time, these often overlap to provide you with redundant security as well. When you look at other WordPress web hosting providers, you will seldom come across other hosting companies offering such a security level.

23 global data centers

Have you heard of any other web hosting provider claiming to have the same? Such is the level of infrastructure which this web hosting company has!

All these data centers are on the Google Cloud Platform. It means that your data is entirely secure. Additionally, there is a level of redundancy which no other web hosting provider can support. As a result, your data is safe, and the uptime you get is excellent.

You can easily choose between these data centers as well to be closer to your audience. It is another reason why you should go with this web hosting provider.

Managed hosting

The other WordPress hosting companies provide unmanaged WordPress hosting. If you encounter any problem with your WordPress website, they are not responsible for solving the content management problems. However, this web hosting provider has WordPress experts in its support department. It means that if you need help with plug-ins or themes, they will be able to help you with that.

Though WordPress CMS breakdown is rare, you will be at complete peace of mind. It ensures that you do not have to search for programmers or WordPress experts separately if there is any glitch on your website.

It is one of the biggest advantages of this web hosting provider.

Woocommerce compatible hosting

Are you planning to install Woocommerce on your WordPress website? If yes, this web hosting provider has a package geared towards the e-commerce platform as well. It will ensure that your e-commerce platform runs in an optimized fashion.

With so many features, this web hosting provider certainly offers unparalleled features. Now, we will highlight the pricing as well as the support offerings by this web hosting provider to provide you with a holistic view.

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Now that you are aware of Kinsta’s packages and the quality of support on offer, let us shed some light on its performance.

As you are aware, this web hosting company uses Google Cloud platform in all its data centers. Also, they own their infrastructure rather than renting it out. When you combine that with their premium CDN services, you can be sure that the servers are blazing fast.

If you ask any of their consumers as well, they will swear by the faster loading time of their websites. During our test as well, we were able to experience blazing fast loading times (more on that below).

Moreover, the web hosting provider also publishes its uptime records. It is one of the rare web hosting providers to do that.

When you go through the uptime records of Kinsta, you will realize that, in most months, it is precisely 100%. It means that their hosting rarely goes down. Their service level agreement guarantees you a 99.9% uptime. However, in most cases, you will get 100%. There is an occasional downtime.

The reason for the same is that they own the entire chain of infrastructure, which means that they own every component of web hosting. As a result, they can monitor the servers in real-time. They can proactively fix problems as well. It ensures that the downtime is nil in most of the cases.

Are you still doubtful? Worry not! You can sign up for a package without any risk since they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Once the migration is over, you can easily see a stark improvement in your website’s loading time. You will not have to optimize your website in any way. Your current website, along with all its files and folders, will load faster when you switch over to Kinsta.

In a nutshell, when it comes to Kinsta’s performance, it is second to none.

Refund policy

We doubt you’re ever going to use their 30-day money-back guarantee to cancel your service. However, in case you want to find out more about the same, we will go into the details of the same below.

The 30-day money-back guarantee by this hosting provider is unconditional. Also, they provide no-contract service. It means that you can cancel anytime. You will get a prorated refund according to the billing cycle which you have.

This 30-day money-back guarantee covers the main hosting package, and also the add-on purchases. Kinsta has a very transparent refund policy, which means that everything is written in black and white. You can easily go through the refund policy on their website before opting for their hosting package.

Many Webmasters might think that to get a refund; they would make you jump through the hoops. However, this is not true.

We tried to open a ticket for cancellation and refund. It was responded quite quickly, and the support executives do not present any obstacles in the entire process.

Ultimately, however, we decided to stay with the host since we just wanted to test the cancellation and refund process and not proceed with it.

It means that even if due to some reason, you want to cancel, you will not face any problem with the same.

Our experience with Kinsta

While researching for this review, we decided to try out Kinsta’s web hosting. We would share with you our experience to have a first-hand account of our experience with the web hosting provider.

At no point in time was the web hosting company aware that we are purchasing a package for the review. We acted as a normal customer would.

We opted for the starter plan, which costs $ 30 per month. Right away, we experienced brilliant service by Kinsta. The activation process was almost instantaneous. We deliberately ordered the starter package to see if the entire process of allocation of resources is automated or not.

We are happy to tell you that it is an automated process, and no matter when you order, you will get the hosting details almost instantaneously. Full marks to kinsta on that!

After that, we decided to contact the support department to migrate our website. While we were asked to wait for a longer time, but the migration was over in a couple of hours. There were no glitches, and our website was up and running on their servers within a couple of hours.

The actual downtime of the website was just a few minutes. This is what worries most of the Webmasters. If the website’s actual downtime is large enough, it can impact its rankings. However, we are more than happy to report that the website’s actual downtime was just a few minutes.

After our website was migrated, we did not experience any glitches. Everything was running smoothly right from the word go. We did test the website loading time after the migration. It was comparatively 5% faster than our older web host.

We also used the Kinsta dashboard, which the company has on offer. It highlighted the resources as well as the bandwidth used by our website. The data is updated frequently, which ensures that you can consistently monitor your hosting package.

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will find various features like migration, analytics, billing, activity log, and so on. That is why there is more you can do with their dashboard rather than to monitor the resources which your website is consuming. We found the dashboard to be quite useful and easy to understand.

After that, as we stated above, we just opened a ticket for the cancellation to test their no question asked cancellation policy. They were happy to proceed with the same as well until we mentioned that we wanted to continue with the hosting package.

All in all, our experience with Kinsta was stellar.

Which Kinsta package should you get?

Now that you are aware of our experience, the next question which would be plaguing in your mind is which package you should go for?

The answer to that depends on the number of WordPress websites that you want to host. As we stated above, each plan comes with a different number of WordPress installs. That is why it is essential to check the number of sites that you want to host and accordingly choose the package.

We just wanted to host a single website, and therefore we went with the starter plan. We will now summarize the pros and cons of Kinsta to provide you with a clear view.


  • Offers managed WordPress hosting
  • Blazing fast servers
  • 23 server locations
  • Excellent support
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Secure servers
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee on offer
  • Free site migration


  • SSL certificate requires manual activation
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Photo: Kinsta’s Plans

Kinsta offers you multiple managed WordPress hosting plans. The offerings are as below:

  • The starter plan will cost you US$ 30 per month. It allows one WordPress installation.
  • The pro plan will cost you $ 60 per month and allows you two WordPress installs.
  • The business one plan costs you $ 100 per month and will allow you five WordPress installs.
  • The business two plan costs you $ 200 per month and allows you 10 WordPress installs.
  • The business three plan will cost you $ 300 per month and allows you 20 WordPress installs.
  • The business four plan will cost you $ 400 per month and allows you 40 WordPress installs.
  • The enterprise one plan will cost you $ 600 per month and allows you 60 WordPress installs.
  • The enterprise two plan starts at $ 900 per month and allows 80 WordPress installs.
  • The enterprise three plan costs $ 1200 per month and allows 120 WordPress installs.
  • The enterprise four plan will cost you $ 1500 per month and allows 150 WordPress installs.

As you can see, there is a plan for almost every Webmaster. You must remember that this is managed WordPress hosting, and therefore comparing the cost with unmanaged plans is not a good idea. Many of these plans are suitable for Woocommerce as well as resellers as well.

In a nutshell, the plans are such that you will almost always find a plan suitable for you. Now that you are aware of the plans let us look at the support channels on offer.

Hosting Plan Storage Sites Price/Month I’m Interested
Web Hosting From 10 GB 1 From $30.00 More details

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The best aspect of kinsta is that it offers multiple support channels manned 24/7/365. These channels include:

  • Tickets support
  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • Social media support

All the support channels are manned by WordPress experts so that any glitch can be resolved in no time. In terms of support as well, Kinsta scores over many other web hosting providers.

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Kinsta offers you all the features which you might look for in a web hosting provider. Moreover, since it provides managed WordPress hosting, you can be sure that you will have a seamless experience as highlighted in our Kinsta review above.. If you need peace of mind while hosting your website, this is the WordPress host you should choose.

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9.8 Total Score
#1 Recommendation

Kinsta is our #1 recommendation that offers you all the features which you might look for in a web hosting provider. It's expensive – but totally worth it.

Features and Ease of Use
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